"About Us"

Eurasian Artists Dance Academy

Eurasian Artists presents dances from 7 various regions of Turkey. Above all, the dances of Ordu, Trabzon and Artvin (region of the Black Sea) are the most lively and frapping ones.

Eurasian Artists receives invitations for festivals from many countries and participated in;

~ May 2000 "Folklore Festival of Alava"in Spain,
~ March 2001 "Folklore Festival of Canberra" in Australia,
~ Juni 2002 "Folklore Festival of Seremban" in Malaysia,
~ March 2003 "Expo of Tourism" in Switzerland, Latvia,
~ January-February 2004 "Expo of Tourism" in Switzerland, Nederland,
~ May 2005 "Int. Folkdance Competition" in Limburg (won 1. place),
~ September 2006 "Expo of Tourism" in Polen
~ April 2007 "World Folkdance Competition" in Mallorca (won 3. place),
~ February 2008 "Folklore Festival of Canberra" in Australia,
~ February-March 2008 "Expo of Tourism" in Denmark,
~ January 2009 "Expo of Tourism" in Switzerland,
~ April 2010 "Expo of Tourism" in Sweden
~ April 2011 "WORLD CHAMPION" in Mallorca.
~ October 2011 "SHANGHAI International Arts Festival" in China

Besides these, the Turkish folk dances, the music and the national costumes are modernized and with the help of a scenario we created a new kind of dance show. Eurasian Artists is seen as the bridge between tradition and modernity, between the Thousand and One Nights and Western world. "Waves of Blacksea" is a dance which unifies these two contrasts successfully. With a remarkable performance Eurasian Artists shows a great event by perfectly integrating the different dances from Turkey´s various regions into the modern art of dance.